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Delivery Times

Monday-Saturday: 12pm-12am
Sunday & Bank Holidays: 2pm-12am

Important Notes on Delivery: If an order is placed outside of opening/delivery hours then the order must specify a delivery time. The delivery time specified must be within the stated delivery hours. If the delivery time is not stated or is outside the delivery time the order will be automatically canceled and will not be delivered. Please take a moment to check the delivery hours and place your order correctly. AprileTakeaway.ie is not responsible for orders that are not placed correctly. If you have any questions please ring us at the stated phone numbers on our website.

Office Delivery

Yes, We Deliver.

We deliver to all local businesses. Dieing for your favourite Burger, Baguette, or Hangover Cure? Why not order it Online Today. Simply go through the ordering process and at the end of the Checkout Area put in the "Specials / Comments" area enter the time you would like it delivered.

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